Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tala Ant Egg Oil

Ant Egg Oil is a hair reducing product not for hair removal. It is a permanent solution to unwanted hairs.
Our products contain a very unique protein which destroys the root of the hair permanently.
This protein does not hurt your body functions or your skin.
It has been the most useful hair reducing product for women and men for centuries in Asia and the Middle East.
Because of its painless, and very easy use against hair on your body which you don’t want to have.
You could use Tala Ant Egg Oil at every age and every areas of your body.

1, Depilate to the root of the hair with classic methods (wax, tweezers, epilation).
2, After you have cleaned the area, put the product on the clean area and massage for about 10 minutes.
3, Do this on 4 or 5 nights before you go to sleep.

Even after the first use, you will see the hair thinned.

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