Thursday, January 26, 2012

Arabic eyeliner black Ethmed


A collection of antimony and eyeshadow "Al Haramen" Arab Eye Liner is a traditional cosmetic for everyone. Oriental beauty.
The set consists of 3 capsules with antimony for the eyes, superfine grinding. The finer the grind of antimony. The set also has a capsule with a larger powder of antimony, which is recommended for use as eye shadow, and as there Kohl, made of walnut wood, with a built-in her cap - a stick for easy application of antimony.  Kohl , which ancient times used for the storage and application of antimony. Traditions of antimony for the eyes, rooted deeply in history. Now science proved its favorable therapeutic and preventive effect on the eyes.
Antimony is clean and protect your eyes moisten their shell and support healthy white protein. 

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